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Finance and Economics
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Quick facts

  • Located in Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC)
  • 3 years experience
  • Undergraduate in Economics and Finance
  • Temporary Resident

How I'd describe myself

Hi, my name is Ken Vern. I started investing in shares since the age of 13. I have recently graduated from RMIT and have not much experience in the workforce. I am willing to learn and to work hard.

I am very passionate about the share markets. For the past few years, I have made an average return of 70% p.a. on the market, targeting growth and dividend stocks. I have helped friends and family invest in shares where some of them have even doubled their money in a few years. I believe I have tons more to learn and hope to widen my knowledge in the techniques of stock picking.

What I can do

  • Leadership
  • Financial Analysis
  • Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading
  • Equities
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Technical Analysis
  • Teamwork

Education & Work Experience

  • Undergraduate in Economics and Finance

    Graduated in 2014
  • Intern (Capital Market Statistics Unit)

    12/2012 - 03/2013 (3 months)
  • Floor attendant and kitchen assistant

    03/2012 - 07/2013 (1 year, 4 months)

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for work experience where I can learn more about finance, more specifically the share markets. A company where I can put my skills to good use and to help others (ie. clients)

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