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Quick facts

  • Located in North Balgowlah (Warringah, NSW)
  • 2 years experience
  • Diploma in Film and TV Production
  • Australian Citizen

How I'd describe myself

I am a very passionate woman. I have loved any job or task that I have had to complete.
I have a bubbly personality and can adjust to any job setting.

What I can do

  • Food handling experience
  • Customer service experience
  • Little bit of cash handling experience
  • Computer skills
  • Camera (filming) skills and experience
  • Film pre-production experience and skills

Education & Work Experience

  • Deli Assistant

    10/2012 - 03/2014 (1 year, 5 months)
  • Diploma in Film and TV Production

    Graduated in 2014

What I'm looking for

I am looking for a job that can help me to either earn some money to further my studies or a job which can help me further my future career.

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