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Quick facts

  • Located in Summer Hill (Ashfield, NSW)
  • 1 year experience
  • Available for Part Time work
  • Undergraduate in Bachelor of Inclusive and Primary Education
  • Permanent Resident

How I'd describe myself

I am a very driven and passionate future educator who loves people, especially kids! I dedicate my time and energy helping those who need it and want to achieve their best. I am also friendly and laidback, so you will establish a good rapport with me. I am adaptable and flexible and I can suit the needs of parents, students and teachers alike!

What I can do

  • Teach children kindergarten - year 7
  • Oratory
  • Efficient lesson planning
  • Effective communication skills
  • Tutor children of all backgrounds
  • Improve literacy and comprehension skills
  • Be an effective team player
  • Be an effective team leader
  • Time management and organisation skills
  • Computer programmes such as Word and Excel

Education & Work Experience

  • Undergraduate in Bachelor of Inclusive and Primary Education

    Graduated in 2016
  • Tutor

    10/2014 - Today (5 years, 1 month)
  • Tutor

    12/2014 - Today (4 years, 11 months)

What I'm looking for

I am currently looking for any part-time work that takes place in schools, early learning centres, child care/vacation care centres, crèches, play groups, etc.

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