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Logistics Storeman
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Quick facts

  • Located in Carlisle (Victoria Park, WA)
  • TAFE/Trade Certificate in Cert IV Logistics
  • Australian Citizen

How I'd describe myself

About me personally; I'm easy going, I have no personal fears at all,very rare for me to get sick, my diet is mostly bland & nutritional aimed.

I'm an outgoing person yet somewhat antisocial & prefer to spend my time studying. (Main current focus Mandarin)

I'm not someone who "freezes" in an emergency situation, Iv'e had to administer first aid in real life twice, & had to act fast.

I'm very active, trained Muay Thai in Thailand for 14months.
Currently going to the Gym three times a week.

At Work > Regularly been the go to person for tasks that need to be completed urgently,

Always hit above KPI's when given work targets; I feel satisfied knowing I've done more than what is expected.

I'm a highly adaptable team player, always following OH&S/WHS & SOP's, while being aware of my surroundings and the well-being of others.

I have generally worked 6 shifts a week, working many 12hr shifts. I have a preference for high workloads.

What I can do

  • High Risk Licence: LO,LF,WP
  • Inventory Control,Oracle,SAP,MOVE,Pronto,Manhattan
  • Senior First Aid
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operating Industrial Factory Machinery
  • HR-B (Truck Licence)

Education & Work Experience

  • TAFE/Trade Certificate in Cert IV Logistics

    Graduated in 2011

What I'm looking for

Anywhere I can utilize my skill set, either on computer or manual labour.

My Background is an all-round logistics Storeman.

Also Online Marketing & Direct Sales.

I have no problem following orders or taking charge leading & instructing.

I'd love to get a job somewhere remote & willing to relocate immediately.

*I wouldn't go below $1,300 a week before tax 38hr work week
Aiming for $1,200min a week after tax.

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