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Quick facts

  • Located in Peakhurst Heights (Hurstville, NSW)
  • 2 years experience
  • Available for Part Time work
  • Completed High School (Year 12) in Geography
  • Australian Citizen

How I'd describe myself

I'm a very ego high school student interested on building my career. I love doing things all the time as it keeps me active, especially when I receive challenges that require me to think and become independent at times. I love working within teams to solve things with vast ranges of skills.

I'm a very enthusiastic aviation fanatic and likewise baseball for sport. I have been regarded to be very active with technology devices and have undergone an IT course through high school due to my interest. Currently I am a student pilot learning to fly gliders, which is very enjoyable and teaches me to multitask my body to keep safe and learn. I am very safety conscious, though I do tend to take risks that outweigh the consequences on the very odd occasion.

What I can do

  • Cleaning
  • First Aid
  • Computer Literate (Apple, Microsoft & Ubuntu)
  • Active Tasks
  • Planning

Education & Work Experience

  • Completed High School (Year 12) in Engineering Studies

    Graduated in 2014
  • Completed High School (Year 12) in Catholic Studies

    Graduated in 2014
  • Sky Guard (Amusement Staff)

    05/2014 - Today (5 years, 5 months)

What I'm looking for

I am seeking an opportunity to grow my skills in the workforce and to utilise it to a great advantage to advance the name in the Australian community. To work is something that I know, I want to be and enjoy what is on offer. I know that by myself being happy will produce the best final outcome possible. I know that every opportunity can and will benefit my daily life as much as the consumer. I offer my knowledge, physical abilities and commitment to make this the best opportunity available.

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