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Quick facts

  • Located in Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)
  • 6 years experience
  • Australian Citizen

How I'd describe myself

I have studied both Photography & Graphic Design. The Creative Visual Mediums are very big in my life. I followed in my Fathers footsteps, he himself a Photographer. I shot my first Wedding when I was 16, and I took over the family business when my Father retired last year.

What I can do

  • Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Graphic Design

Education & Work Experience

  • Photographer

    03/2014 - 07/2014 (4 months)
  • Photographer

    02/2008 - Today (11 years, 8 months)

What I'm looking for

I would love to do Photography for Advertising or Marketing. For Companies, Magazines or Press Journals.

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