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Office Manager at MuscleCrete & Finesse Flooring;
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Quick facts

  • Located in Baldivis (Rockingham, WA)
  • 8 years experience
  • Available for Full Time work
  • Master of Arts (MA)
  • Permanent Resident

How I'd describe myself

My name is Inex.

I moved to Australia in the year 2000 and finished high school at Melville SHS.

I love planning things and usually plan a year ahead for holiday.

I spent most of my life working, hanging out with friends and serving at church.

I scored 100% on my Australian citizenship test.

I exercise three times a week and try to eat healthily (still involves meats).

I enjoy long drive, especially in a company of people that I love.

What I can do

  • Experience Working with Children
  • Church Events
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Event Planning
  • MS Office (good computer skills)
  • Quick learner
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Good manner
  • Professional conduct

Education & Work Experience

  • Office Manager

    01/2013 - Today (6 years, 9 months)
  • Office Manager

    02/2013 - Today (6 years, 8 months)
  • Pixel Artist (side hobby)

    12/2012 - Today (6 years, 10 months)

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for a job that needs organisation skill in it and can challenge me from time to time.

I like to keep busy at work and believe that hard work pays off.

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