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Student at University of Melbourne
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Quick facts

  • Located in Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC)
  • 3 years experience
  • Available for Part Time work
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Australian Citizen

How I'd describe myself

Career Profile:

• Currently a second year Commerce student majoring in management/marketing
• One year of working experience in family business (Gap Year work)
• Reasonable informal work experiences done in retail and hospitality firms (owned by family friends)
• Well established skills in communicating and dealing with customers; displaying, ordering and maintaining stocks, as well as working as part of a team in general
• Fair knowledge developed in how organisations operates through formal education and personal experiences
• A very keen attitude and willingness to learn new skills and capabilities using my unique way
• Very willing to develop myself into a department/general manager in the future periods

What I can do

  • Microsoft Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Customer Service
  • Research
  • Teamwork
  • English
  • Windows
  • Promoters
  • Stock maintenance

Education & Work Experience

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

    Graduated in 2016
  • Volunteer Sales Assistant

    12/2012 - 12/2013 (1 year)
  • Student

    02/2011 - Today (8 years, 9 months)

What I'm looking for

As per description about myself, about wanting to develop myself into a manager/marketer, and that I would love work on retail, in industries like home-ware, fashion, jewelry, department chains etc. I am also open to internship positions in management and marketing where possible to enhance my critical skills and competencies needed for the future roles I want to be in. Please kindly offer me great chances guys. Thanks

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