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Employer/Recruiter Questions

1. How is Profilr different from Seek?

Profilr finds suitable candidates for your business and lets you contact them directly when a position becomes available. That means no more recruiters, no more writing ads, and no more wading through piles of resumes that don’t fit the position description.

2. How is Profilr different from Linkedin?

Linkedin helps you build networks, which may or may not lead to people who want to work for you. We purely want to help you find the right person for the job.

Candidate Questions

1. How do employers contact me?

It depends on the information you make public. They can contact you directly on email or phone – how they make contact is up to you.

2. What happens after I activate my profile?

Once you profile is activated, then it can be searched. So make sure you’re happy with all the information in your profile before you activate it.

3. Can I find jobs on this website?

No, this is not a jobs-listing website. Profilr is designed to get your name out there to the people who matter ­– the people who are going to hire you.

4. Can I block certain people from viewing that I’m looking for work?

No. But remember, at this stage you haven’t applied for a job. You’re simply telling the world what you have to offer. If a job offer comes your way, then good for you.

5. How do employers find out about me?

When employers sign up to Profilr, we send them weekly updates on suitable candidates within their industry or for a particular occupation. The more active your profile, the more likely they’ll hear about you.

6. How do I know if my profile is public?

When you’re on the ‘your profile’ page, ‘available now’ will appear in a strip across your avatar – that means people can see your profile.

7. How do I get ranked?

Your ranking will be influenced by the number of employers and candidates who have viewed your profile, how many times your profile has been shared, the number of shortlists you’ve made, and how may times you’ve been contacted. 

8. Can I make my ranking higher than other candidates?

The only way you can make your ranking higher is by improving your profile.  

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