30 Career Experts You Should be Following on Twitter


In our digital world, building a successful online profile is one of the most important steps you can take to equip yourself with the tools you need to network effectively. And when you’ve finished creating your online profile, you shouldn’t leave it at that – you need to engage with other people in the online world to get yourself seen and heard by the right people. As you build an online persona, make sure to follow the profiles of others who are sharing news, tips and information that could be beneficial for your career.

Whether you’re looking for work, looking for a career change or perhaps wanting to improve your current career path, there are huge numbers of helpful experts on Twitter who have been there and done all of that, and are now sharing their learnings and advice with others. But, with so many people on the Twittersphere, it’s hard to know who are the best people to follow, who provides regular updates and who actually knows what they’re talking about. We have narrowed it down to 30 of the best people to follow on Twitter, so you can get straight to the best tips for your job search. 

Top Career Bloggers on Twitter

1. @EntryLevelRebel


With blog posts all about the world of work, from personality types to reading lists and a whole range of tips, Jessica Stillman is a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be lapped up.

2. @eExecutives


Need some advice on job-seeking? Harry Urschel provides some excellent blog posts on where to go from graduation, interview tips, and even addresses those who are stuck being “over qualified”. The advice given is simple to understand and straight to the point.

3. @jenny_blake


Jenny Blake is an author and blogger with a passion for career building, business and yoga. She tweets of her latest blog posts about how to run a successful business and organisation, as well as tips and tricks for job seekers.

4. @DanSchawbel


As author of Promote Yourself & Me 2.0, Dan Schawbel is full of information relevant to professionals, including how to avoid being overworked, workplace trends and research, and industries where you can find job security.

5. @careerfolk


Donna Sweidan posts some great tweets, especially for recent graduates and parents of graduates. Her feed has motivational and inspiring blog posts to help you achieve your career goals. This Twitter feed is also handy for those looking to stay in the know with business news and articles.

6. @jasonalba


Jason Alba has some great blog posts on how to find a new job, increase your job prospects, and what to do when you suddenly lose your job. He has some humorous posts and often encourages followers to interact with him. 

7. @careersherpa


Hannah Morgan is a speaker and author who provides a wealth of advice about how to perform in interviews, network or look for a job. As well as this, she provides tips for performing better in your current job, like how to improve your presentation skills and how to be an effective leader.

8. @caliyost


Running, Cali Yost helps individuals create a good work/life balance, and employees create this kind of environment for their workers. She believes strongly in getting the job you’re after, but with the flexibility to still live your life.

9. @AlisonDoyle


Writing for’s job search section, Alison Doyle shares pretty much every article you’re looking for when it comes to looking for a job, employment or running a business. Check out her tips on interview questions and how to respond appropriately.

10. @toryjohnson


Tory Johnson is passionate about improving small business and help those starting a business. If you also want advice on positive thinking and making healthy choices, this is the one to follow.

Top Recruitment Tweeters

1. @MarkSBabbitt


Mark Babbit provides some great links to recruitment and workplace help. He shares tips from other writers with his own commentary, and engages other experts in conversation on the platform.

2. @BillVick


Bill Vick has a lot of great tips for recruitment, graduates and headhunting. He also tweets about how to improve interview techniques and where you may be going wrong with your online presence.

3. @BusinessFit


If you’re looking for more help on how to get your dream job and nail your interview, then you’d best be checking out Dawn Lennon’s Twitter feed. She has some great links and posts to help with your job search and how to impress potential employers.

4. @RyanCareer


Bill Ryan has some excellent posts to help with the process of getting work. He is a master resume writer and often posts on common issues such as the top questions you would be asked in an interview (and how to answer them).

5. @CareerDigital


Tony Karrer finds the best content and blog posts online that will help with your job search and resume writing. There are even some great tips on increasing productivity and creating goals.

6. @GreatResume


If you’re looking for some great tips on how to write your resume, Jessica H Hernandez is a specialist in the field of resume writing. She provides some great tips on how to make your resume stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

7. @jobhuntorg


Susan P. Joyce shares online recruitment information for people of all ages. Her feed is aimed at getting that job you’ve always wanted, whether that means quitting your current job, starting your own business or nailing an interview.

8. @WetFeet_Career


If you want to keep up to date with all of the new trends in recruitment and online job search, Wet Feet will be a very useful resource. It has blog posts and articles on recruitment and how to be more productive.

9. @BrazenHQ


Brazen hopes to help people understand what their strengths are and how to apply them to job interviews and the workforce. They have some great tips for interviews, job positions available and even how to polish your appearance.

10. @DrWoody


If you want to learn the skills necessary to land a great job, follow Dr Woody. He has some very inspiring quotes and articles on how to take charge of your career choices and how to deal with other people who may be trying take charge of you when they shouldn’t be.

Top Women in Work

1. @lindseypollak


The author of Becoming the Boss, Lindsey Pollak is a role model not just for millennials in the workforce but also for women. Her feed is a combination of good career tips and thought provoking, inspirational tweets.

2. @_workingmother_


It can be hard to juggle work and life, especially if you’re a mother looking after young children. This Twitter feed will help you to balance your two jobs.

3. @cherylepalmer


Career expert, Cheryle Palmer, helps executives to find new roles via social media. However, her Twitter feed is packed with motivational quotes and handy blog posts, such as how to stand out from the competition.

4. @ValueIntoWords


JacPoindexter is a entrepreneur, resume writer and avid sailor. Her tweets and retweets are full of great blog posts and tips on how to improve your career prospects, as well as inspiring posts to kickstart your day.

5. @ResumeExpert


Laura Smith-Proulx has some great information on helping you to use social media to your advantage whilst job hunting, as well as lots of advice on how other people see your resume.

6. @Keppie_Careers


Miriam Salpeter is a career/business coach, an author and social media consultant. She works on improving people’s prospects and encourages women to have a powerful driving force in the workplace. She has some great tweets on increasing productivity.

7. @KatCareerGal


Katherine Hansen has some great pointers whilst looking for work and to help with your search for a new one. If you are currently employed and looking to advance your career, this feed will give you a weekly “call to action” pointer to help you to advance in your work.

8. @MaggieMistal


Maggie Mistal tweets some interesting and relevant posts about life, work and career choices. Many people get caught up in finding the right job or the best job. Maggie manages to help you find a good job.

9. @MegGuiseppi


The way you present yourself online and in-person is essential to getting your dream career, and this is the best Twitter account to follow if you want to work on your personal branding – especially if you’re already an executive.

10. @LisaRangel


If you’re applying for jobs and are still seeing no success, check out Lisa Rangel’s Twitter feed. Her posts are direct and have some great advice for when you feeling like you’re failing.

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