10 Signs It’s Time You Made a Career Change

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We’ve all had that daydream where you jump up on top of your work desk, yell out loud, throw important papers in the air, then dance your way out of the office and into the sunset. These daydreams may be especially frequent when Phil from accounts nags you as you’re leaving for lunch or Mary in HR looks down on you each time you raise an OHS issue. But, there are times when these thoughts are actually a huge red flag that perhaps you really should be leaving your current role and looking for a new job.

Here are some signs that you’re more than just frustrated in your role – you’re ready for a career change.

  1. You daydream more than you actually do work
    If you spend the majority of your day thinking about how you’re going to leave your job and what you would do when you leave said job, it may be a sign that you should be planning it for real.
  2. You’re constantly complaining about your work
    When your friends and family ask you the inevitable question, ‘how’s work?’, do you notice that your answer is always a complaint? We all have down moments, but on the whole, you should enjoy what you do and feel like you’re contributing to something important.
  3. You can’t sleep properly
    If your job is making you anxious, worried or stressed to the point where you cannot get to sleep or your sleep pattern is being disrupted, it may be time to move on. The stress of staying in a position you really don’t like is not worth it. Get out before you lose any more sleep over it!
  4. You get constant headaches, frequent colds or other physical ailments
    Too much stress is bad for your health and can lead to physical ailments. Your stress may eventually take over your body and provide you with physical symptoms such as anxiety, depression, lethargy, headaches, aches, pains and colds.
  5. You have trouble getting up for work
    Not everyone loves a Monday, but if Mondays are anxiety-producing or you have that gut-wrenching feeling in your stomach each time the alarm goes off for you to wake in the morning, you might need to reconsider your career. Sure, you may feel tired, but you should still feel motivated to get up and get dressed for work each morning.
  6. You argue with co-workers and your boss more than usual
    You’ve started to nit-pick about every little thing that colleagues do and say. You backchat to your boss more than what is acceptable and you’re even starting to hate your colleagues around you. Do yourself (and everyone around you) a favour, and get a new job. No-one likes a downer at the office and your whole attitude may be bringing everyone down with you.
  7. You’re constantly bored
    If you’re on facebook every five minutes, watching cat videos on Youtube every chance you can get, and are completely bored with every task assigned to you, then you might need to re-consider your job. We all get bored with the odd task here and there, and of course there’s always some parts of every job that no one likes. But if everything about your job bores you to the point that you procrastinate with non-related tasks, start looking for a new career.
  8. You’re only there for the money
    The only thing keeping you at your job is the paycheck. While this is fine for the short-term and helping you to pay bills, it pays more to do something you love and enjoy doing. Finding a job that you actually like means that you’ll be going to work to do a job and the pay is actually a bonus.
  9. You have no room to grow
    You should feel like you have an opportunity to grow within your career and challenge yourself to rise up the ranks. Being in a position where you feel like there is never room to grow or build on your professional development will itself lead to some of the other points mentioned here. When you know there are opportunities to get more experience or work towards a different role within an industry, you’ll be more motivated to work in your current job.
  10. You dream about retirement
    If your daily work has started to become a physical countdown to the day you’ll be retiring, then maybe you should find a different job. Don’t make your job a chore. Find a job you love instead and use a healthy retirement as a goal for the future, not a wish for now.
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